£37.5 million mistake and Wu-Tang Clan

£37.5 million mistake and Wu-Tang Clan
I am based in Leeds and Leeds city council have managed to pay 250,00 homes council tax energy rebate twice. £150 was transferred twice into around 250,000 homes in Leeds bands A-D
I was scandalised by this and with a quick calculation…How do Leeds city council have an extra £37.5 million in their account? As a disclaimer I have no idea how Leeds city council are dealing with this except they have sent a letter and are re cooping the money over the next 12 months. For any business an unexpected cost could be dangerous. Paying for anything twice could have lasting effects on that business.
Starting in business we always hear cash is king and cash flow is vital for your business to survive Wu- Tang clan in their song Cream said “cash rules everything around me” and in business this has to be true. If you don’t make decisions based on financials you will fail if you don’t have cash in the bank you can’t pivot.
We designed Myinternalrecruiter.com with cash flow in mind. Being able to budget your recruitment cost for the year with no unexpected fees gives everyone confidence. Subscription with a small 2% fee is much more manageable for any size of business.
Ps sorry about my hideous attempt at images on canva!! Optics and all that!! I promise I am better at recruitment than marketing!

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