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Start-Ups: When is the best time to hire an internal recruiter?

Start-Ups: When is the best time to hire an internal recruiter?   If you’re growing rapidly, recruitment is probably at the forefront of your mind.   Hiring new starters takes time, which is often limited when you’re scaling.   Traditional agencies are always a great option for outsourcing your recruitment but if you have forecasted […]

Reduce the cost of your recruitment in 2023 with

Reduce the cost of your recruitment in 2023 with    Recruitment costs quickly add up.   Whether you’re hiring in-house or using an agency there are always costs you incur that you might not have initially considered.   Job boards, job adverts, time spent out of the business interviewing candidates, time spent out of […]

What have you done today to make you feel proud? Resignations…Fax, Twitter or post it notes!!

Today has been all about public resignations. Messi resigns from Barcelona via fax and Carrie Gracie quits BBC news with a viral video and social post. A lot has been said about their methods for example why does Messi own a fax machine…Ironically?? However, I want to focus on what they say Gracie in her […]

Welcome to Sophie are delighted to welcome Sophie Webster to the team. It is never easy starting a new job but things have been made even more difficult following lockdown and the awful situation with Covid- 19. So while we haven’t shaken h ands or hugged we welcome Sophie to the team and are wishing her every […]

MIR London

Sisters are doing it for themselves….MyInternalRecruiter London Sisters are doing it for themselves… I realise the Eurythmics and Aretha Franklin were singing about women coming out of the kitchen and female liberation but they also repeat in the chorus Sisters are doin’ it for themselves. St andin’ on their own two feet. And ringin’ on […]

Social Media

A short video on employers and viewing your social media in the recruitment process. Based on some real life social media experiences… good and bad and Lightstarts digital Show n Tell event yesterday. Including the good news story of how I placed the CEO of Porn hub at a very reduced salary in West Yorkshire.


Selling… Differently On Thursday 22nd November it was a big day for, we celebrated our first birthday and also, I spoke at Lightstarts’ incredible series of events called …differently. It really was a privilege to speak at Selling differently. Some of you may have read my previous blog on Working… differently you might be […]