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Social Media

A short video on employers and viewing your social media in the recruitment process. Based on some real life social media experiences… good and bad and Lightstarts digital Show n Tell event yesterday. Including the good news story of how I placed the CEO of Porn hub at a very reduced salary in West Yorkshire.


Selling… Differently On Thursday 22nd November it was a big day for, we celebrated our first birthday and also, I spoke at Lightstarts’ incredible series of events called …differently. It really was a privilege to speak at Selling differently. Some of you may have read my previous blog on Working… differently you might be […]

Working Differently- What an event

Working Differently… What an event! Two weeks ago, I was lucky to attend an event run by the brilliant Lightstart called Working Differently. I will be completely honest I had been working silly hours during the week and the last thing I wanted on a Thursday night was to leave the house… I am so […]


Networking… I was inspired by an article I read on networking a while ago and it really put in perspective how crucial networking is and not just in the traditional sense of networking events. When I started business development I naturally picked up the phone and started cold calling, after a few months of […]